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Kitchen Help Needed - PAID Position

Reijo Puiras is looking for someone to help Sinikka (serve food and work the till, etc.) on Saturdays in the kitchen at Lappe. This is a paid position. For more information contact Reijo at

Wanted - Publicity & Promotions Volunteer

We've got a good thing going at Lappe with excellent programs and great race hosting, but we need help telling the world what a good thing we are. The Club has been on a strategic path to grow the Club, to get more people active and on skis.  Our current media volunteer has just left town so we are looking for a replacement. Check out this short PDF describing the role for further information.

Lappe Nordic Fur Traders' Fall Camp - Sept. 17&18

We are excited to be able to launch our fall youth programming with the Lappe Nordic Fur Traders' Camp for 8 to 18 year olds. The event will offer opportunities for Lappe Nordic kids and their friends to participate during the daytime at locations close to Thunder Bay and can include an overnight stay at Fort William Historical Park. Please review the notice and register online at Zone4. For more information please contact Kevin Shields, Lappe Nordic Head Coach and Program Developer, or Fiona McKenna, Lappe Nordic Jackrabbits Program Coordinator at

New Fall Program Offerings at Lappe

Two new Fall offerings are now available: Kids Running Wild for non-club members and Adult Dryland Fit Training for members and non-members. These programs create a new opportunity primarily for non-members, but also for adult members, to participate in portions of our full-season programs.  Registration with more detail is on Zone4.

Sawdust Run - Saturday, October 8

Join our first event of the season, the Sawdust Run, on Lappe's freshly mowed trails topped off with sawdust. Adult, recreational, pole walking, and children's categories provide options for everyone. Online registration is available at Zone4 and closes Oct 6 at midnight. See the Sawdust Run poster for details.

Open House - Info, Registration, Ski Swap - Oct 15

Jack Rabbit Registration & Ski Rentals plus Ski Swap Information HERE!

Club & Program REGISTRATION for 2016/2017

Lappe's online registration is up and running for the 2016/2017 season. This year the registration is separated into two separate registrations: MEMBERSHIP & PROGRAM.

All persons wishing to register in regular Lappe ski programs must first become Club members.  With the separate Club Membership registration process, folks can now register first as club members, perhaps as a family, and then use the Program registration multiple times.

For Program Descriptions, visit the Program section of the website. For Trail pass information visit the Trail Pass Fees section of the website.

Register online at Once at the Zone4 website, type LAPPE in the search box at the top to see all of Lappe's current registrations.

Lappe Nordic Ski Club is a "club", not a business, that operates primarily through the efforts of its members who volunteer time and effort.  This allows the club to operate its many excellent programs with very low fees for its member participants.  To ensure this continues, the Lappe Board has introduced a formal Volunteer Engagement plan.  This plan details volunteer opportunities as well as exemptions for new members and members in the younger Jackrabbit programs.

Catch up on how Lappe's top racers are doing on the circuit by visiting the blog for Michael Somppi, the blog for Andy Shields, and the blog for Evan Palmer-Charrette.

Be part of the team!

Individualized and group training plans, one-on-one instructions and great team spirit. Check out our programs section for more information or...

Contact Head Coach Kevin Shields at or call him at 346-8084.

Volunteer Opportunities
Are you ready to join a dynamic group of volunteers? Read on....

The operation of the Lappe Nordic Ski Club and the programs and services we provide depend upon the volunteer efforts of our members. With the exception of one paid coach, the ski club is run entirely by the efforts of tireless volunteers. Volunteering for our club is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun!

You can help by volunteering in different ways:

Here are a list of the key positions that need to be filled, in addition to those mentioned above.

Click here for Volunteer Job Descriptions

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