Lappe Juniors - ages 14 to 19

Programs in the Lappe Juniors provide continued opportunities for recreation, competition and leadership that promote healthy participation and lifelong physical activity. Program choices allow skiers to focus more on recreational skiing or racing. Additionally, people interested in leadership in a sport and recreation setting have various opportunities in coaching, events and club activities.


Junior Adventurers: This recreational ski program encourages continued skill and fitness development, as well as requiring teamwork. Skiers will take part in group practices, organize group ski tours and participate in club events.


Junior Development Ski Team: The Junior Development Ski Team continues to provide skill development, competitive, recreational and leadership opportunities in cross country skiing. Training sessions are combined with the Junior Race Team and skiers can choose to train year round or focus on skiing during the fall-winter seasons. The team will participate in local races and attend some out of town races. The Team will also organize group ski tours and assist in club activities. 


Junior Race Team: This year round training program promotes healthy participation in competitive sport through consistent and progressive training, appropriate competition schedules, “Fairplay” and teamwork. Athletes are encouraged to attend group practices regularly and to independently complete further training. The program schedule also includes recreational and leadership opportunities that promote lifelong sport and physical activity participation.


Junior Leadership Team: Various leadership opportunities are available within the ski clubs ski programs, events and club activities. Some current leadership roles include: coaching, ski guiding, ski buddies, Kids Running Wild assistant coach and club event assistants.